Wednesday, 31 August 2016

What a memory and "the flower"

Today I made a piece of memory cloth.  These are my totally over the top, fabric and lace collages, lightly stitched together. I have called it "the flower".

I love making these. They are quick and so rewarding and I can daydream about the pieces.  Who used that doily and who crocheted that piece of lace and how come I ended up with them? What is their story?  They really do beckon -  tell me tell me.

My need to make this stemmed from a gift from my mum yesterday.  She gave me 2 hankies; the one with blue flowers was the last Christmas gift my Dad gave to her just before he died, 34 years ago. The second, was one of my Nan's.  I remember her as always crocheting her newest coat. Her hanky has a hand crocheted edge. I'll never know if she did crochet it, but am hopeful she did. It is so soft and must be nearly 100 years old now.  Then I went searching to find other hanky treasures.  I found a hand painted one from my dear friend Helen, which she gave me more than 15 years ago.  Then the 4th treasure is a daintily hand embroidered monogrammed one.  The embroidery is so neat and tiny with it's 'A'. Another treasure.

But can I cut them up for my memory cloths?  Not likely!  I would love to be a fly on the wall to see what my granddaughters do with them many moons from now. Especially my Gwenhwy who is a real kindred spirit.

enjoy and happy creating Ann

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