Sunday, 28 August 2016

Make art every day

I have been perusing my old cloth paper and scissors magazines and playing with mixed media.  Yeh!

Here is today's finished effort inspired by graffiti doodle houses in magazine #52 Jan/Feb 2014.  I must admit this is the second go as I painted over my first attempt. I am determined to use the paints I have so am quite limited.  I do love the jacquard textile yellow glaze on the background and the houses are glazed using this too.  It is quite glossy and a bit cutesy but it feels good to play again. The wonderful thing is I have no expectations of myself so can just play quickly using lots of techniques.

I have also been visiting all my old journals. It's like I have lost the last 4.5 years of my life.  Nothing done much at all after January 2012 when I restarted working in the health industry.  I can't say working in health was good for my creative health!  boo hoo!  It is time to start again!

But I did discover some wonderful drawings I did prior to this time of my imagined stump dolls.  All very gentle. I just love them and feel quite proud discovering these.  Working with mixed media and finding these drawings has opened up my heart to lots of possibilities for my art going forward.  I have direction if I dare!

I am determined to make art every day!   enjoy!  regards Ann

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