Tuesday, 25 June 2013

And number 3 - it's orange

Today I am working on our practice manual. It is hard yakka! So having a break decided to write on my blog

I am so inspired by my beautiful home in winter. It is a rainy day today but all so very orange! I've had rainbows and rain and the sun is really trying to peak through. I love the photo of the early morning spider web and I actuallly managed to capture the rainbow on my trusty lumix. We have had hundreds of oranges which Greg juices each morning. Sadly I can't eat them due to allergies, but they sure do look amazing!

Every time I see a rainbow it reminds me of my dear granddaughter, Gwenhwyfar. I used to ring her every time I saw one, "can you see it Gwenhwy?" Poor kid she's 2 hours away, so how could that ever happen? smile!

So here it is Gwenhwy. I can't resist!


beautiful irish crochet

My friend Erica, fondly referred to as Madame Google, shared a link to this amazing site.

Here is an amazing garment by Elena Statkevich on the Irish Crochet Lab Website

I just want to sit and do this for the rest of my life. thanks Erica

have fun crocheting hugs Ann

A new doll

It has been an exciting time for our doll club. We are helping Gloria prepare for our 20th anniversary retreat in August at Coffs Harbour. This is so exciting. 5 days of dolls with some very talented US doll makers. Can't get better than that! smile!

At our last doll club meeting last Saturday we had the unveiling of our challenge dolls inspired by the santos cage dolls.

You can see the dolls here on our Hello Dollies Blog

And here is my doll. My shrine to crochet. I love crochet and really enjoyed making her. She is all cloth with crocheted motifs. The base was a light casing I bought at a nursery. I hope you like her.

have a lovely day Annie