Tuesday, 25 June 2013

And number 3 - it's orange

Today I am working on our practice manual. It is hard yakka! So having a break decided to write on my blog

I am so inspired by my beautiful home in winter. It is a rainy day today but all so very orange! I've had rainbows and rain and the sun is really trying to peak through. I love the photo of the early morning spider web and I actuallly managed to capture the rainbow on my trusty lumix. We have had hundreds of oranges which Greg juices each morning. Sadly I can't eat them due to allergies, but they sure do look amazing!

Every time I see a rainbow it reminds me of my dear granddaughter, Gwenhwyfar. I used to ring her every time I saw one, "can you see it Gwenhwy?" Poor kid she's 2 hours away, so how could that ever happen? smile!

So here it is Gwenhwy. I can't resist!


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  1. I still get excited whenever I see a rainbow too, Ann - thanks for sharing the photo.