Thursday, 23 October 2014

Bruny Island Tassie

We are holidaying in Hobart Tasmania And having a wonderful time

Yesterday we did something totally out of character and went on an adventure tour to Bruny Island.  What fun. Starting from Hobart we were bussed and ferried over to the island by our young tour guide who was quite a character. He reminded me of David Wenham in Sea Change and Richard Roxburgh from Far out East. Yes we are definitely ABC fans!  He was a funny guy, so inquisitive and very good at his job,

Bruny Island is made up of a north and south island connected by 'the neck',
a dirt road along a thin connecting strip of land, all natural.  Some describe it as the Whitsundays of the south.  I have to agree. The water is so clear and brilliant in colour and it is as magical as the Whitsundays.

Here is a picture of the second boat which went out with us. They were fast and easily manouvered in all directions which allowed everyone to see from different angles.

Our boat trip started at Adventure Bay, along the coast with some of the highesst dolomite sea cliffs in the southern hemisphere. The combination of algae and sea water created some amazing colour in the rocks, but sad to say this was very difficult to capture on my iphone.

We headed down to Bridge Rock  and back again out in the great southern ocean and boy it was very cold. But, It was amazing to see so many birds and marine animals in their natural habitat. We saw lots of seals, an albatross, dolphins, mutton birds diving for fish in great flocks after flying from Alaska, rare sticky beak oyster birds with the funniest bright orange long dangly beaks, to name a few.   You can see the male seals in this pic.  They grow quite large and live about 15 years and are segregated from the females while they are birthing and looking after their young. What a life!

It was an amazing day and highlight of the trip.

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  1. Oh wow ...... we never went to Bruny Island, this one has gone onto my bucket list! Question is ..... was your tour guide as good looking as both David Wenham and Richard Roxburgh or did he just have their mannerisms?