Sunday, 19 May 2013

My jacket shawl if finally finished

I love this time of year, today we had a gentle wind and beautiful sunny sky. It was really magic watching the knee long grass gently blowing in the wind. A gentle undulation and most meditative to watch. How magic. I wish I had taken a photo. The colour of my day was a gentle orange of the grasses, the new oranges on our citrus trees and new bird of paradise stems standing tall. The orange against the green is a beautiful contrast.

I have finally finished my shawl jacket from Nicky Epstien's book block by block and love it.

it is worn off the shoulder and hangs quite low at the sides and off the arms.

Here are some photos of front, back and the complete jacket. I'm not sure if I'll sew up the sides but it sure does look fabulous. The pattern has knitted in sleeves but being a woman of a certain age, I think I'll make some arm hugs instead which are easily removed.

This is the front

This is the back,

and this is the complete jacket. Buttons just need to be sewn on and it's ready to wear.

It's great to snuggle into.

Otherwise I'm madly working on producing my rpl for my diploma of practice management. I'm reallly enjoying this.

The other thing I really want to do is make some crocheted flowers for my new meditation buddah. He holds a large flat dish in which they would sit beautifully.

Until next time. have fun and enjoy Ann


  1. beautiful jacket - love the colour as well as the

  2. Stunning work Miss Annie. Hope to see you wear it soon. It looks gorgeous. You're so clever.
    Love Ali