Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A beautiful weekend

I had a lovely mothers' day weekend. My sisters and I took mum to see Eurobeat at the Joan Sutherland performing arts centre in Penrith. It was a fun, funny musical comeday, a takeoff of the eurovision competition. We all really enjoyed it and it was a first for mum, she hadn't seen anything like that before.

Mothers' day breaky was at Magenta Shores, then catching up briefly with my sister Lorna. This gal is an amazing inspiration to me.

I did make her a bracelet for her 50th birthday. It was fun watching her trying to work out how it was made. It is made from buttons with shanks removed, then glued onto a bracelet using the strong E6000 glue. And thanks to Gloria at Annes Glory Box for these wonderful buttons. I made myself one too.

Then we drove up to Allworth for afternoon tea. Isn't this a lovely pic of me Gwenhwy, Griff and Olive.

Sadly Chris and family couldn't make it as Chris was working but we'll catch up soon. He hadn't seen daylight for a week as working underground. I don't mind, I am so lucky. It's like mothers' day for me every day when I see my kids and grandies.

The green jacket is coming along wonderfully, I'm up to the front bands. I've decided not to knit in the sleeves but to make some arm warmers instead which will look like sleeves and are able to be taken off when I only need warmth around my chest. Pics next time.

I've been enjoying The Voice. Gosh there are some amazing singers this season. My favourites have to be Luke, Harrison, Celia and Miss Murphy. Let's see how they go! smile!

I've also started to upgrade some qualifications and am madly working on my RPL for Diploma of Practice Management. Wish me luck!

Have fun and enjoy every moment

hugs Ann

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