Wednesday, 13 February 2013

It's a green day

I love colour. All colours, but especially green and am surrounded by it on a daily basis.

The hunter valley is so very green at the moment. We've had lots of rain, the vines are vigorous and a riot of green leaves. Most grapes have been picked and the leaves will soon start to turn yellow. So I am enjoying our morning drives through the gloriousness of green knowing it won't last too much longer.

This is a lovely lake we drive past each morning. It does look more brown than green but just wanted to share the view. You can see the vines on the hill.

I bought some beautiful green yarn a few years ago from Jane Slicer-Smith to knit her swing coat, but sad to say I have lost interest in the pattern so am putting it to another use.

I love Nicky Epstein's books and discovered in my library her book on knitted blocks with an amazing project called the sweater shawl. I've started with my green yarn and it's wonderful. The book has over 100 blocks, uses lots of advanced techniques I've never used before. Here are a couple of photos. The shawl part is made from 8 strips of 3 blocks. Im just starting my 4 th strip and love the whole project. The tree block and embossed rose block were really exciting to make.

This project is amazing. I love making my own fabrics and the texture you can get with a knit and purl has given me lots of ideas for other projects.

Here are 2 strips blocked

This is the third being blocked. I pin them out and then put a damp towel over the top to dry. It blocks them beautifully

Enjoy the colour of your day

Regards Ann

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