Friday, 1 February 2013

A creative year so far

Gosh I'm really enjoying my time creating at Broke this year.

This is my Debbie Abrahams afternoon tea blanket, all 81 blocks done in 9 strips.  I'm about to start to sew the strips together.  It looks wonderful on my floor!  smile!

This is the front and back of a freeform crocheted bag I made for Ruth's tablet.  She loves it!  I do too!  Maybe I should make one for me

And here is my crocheted Crescent Shawl (pattern by Kathy Merrick). I've made 4 of these in the last few months and this one is mine made from Spotlight's Bouvardia in Pink.  I bought 20 balls of this yarn, I love it so much.  I've also made a hat to match and want to start a granny square jacket! 
...And this is why I think I'm creating - I hope you like this photo - this is our breakfast table view - it is so relaxing.  Often there is a family of water fowl swimming on the dam. They walk between both dams and have had chicks lately so we have to watch out for them when driving down the long driveway.   

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