Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My creative year so far

I am besotted with these detachable all cloth scultped heads and have made many this year.  I am getting some great facial structure by using stitch and moving stuffing around and then stiffening them to keep it all in place. 
here are some heads:

They have sparked my first series of dolls for the year which I call my landscape series. I have made 3 so far very simply using a head and torso on a stand and a beautiful piece of textile. The simplicity of them was a real light bulb moment for me.

The textiles:  the blue one was a piece of fabric made by some dear friends in a group called "ladies who lunch".  Some very talented gals. We called this round robin "fiddled fabric". We gridded our fabric, advised a theme, then passed it around.  Everyone covered over their worked grid piece and we unveiled after 15 months of the piece travelling around. It was most exciting.  My theme was an underwater garden and it is just wonderful.  

The green and pink piece is wet felted on black cotton using yarns, silk and hand-dyed silk gauze on top.  I love making these. 

The third pink piece is felted the same way as the green piece. I have donated this doll to Wilma Simmons' exhibiton which is opening tomorrow night at Timeless Textiles in Islington Newcastle. Wilma is a wonderful gal trying to raise some money for a local womens' refuge. I hope she can make a few $ from this doll.  All the best for the exhibition Wilma! 

here they are:

"if you chose something because it matches your soul it is art"

enjoy your day Ann


  1. Annie! how great to see you blogging, that means we will see so much more of your wonderful dolls, can't wait to see them in person very soon. luv

  2. Thank you for taking the time to look. Ty ty ty

  3. Love the new dolls Annie, you are a star.xxx

  4. Hi Ann
    So happy to see you in blogland. The beautiful doll you donated looks wonderful set up in the Wise Women exhibition. I also featured your doll in my blog last week. They are all beautiful, but thinking the blue one will be just fantastic for the water themed show coming up.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful technique.

    1. Hi wilma. So looking forward to your exhibition tonight. Ty for taking a look. Yes our exhibition will be wonderful. Hugs Annie

  5. Hi Annie
    Thanks fr your comment on our blog. I'm really glad you are enjoying it - we are really enjoying putting it together.
    So glad to see you have your own blog up and running. Fantastic to see that you are able to spend some time on something you are passionate about. Keep it up and keep enjoying.